How fast is your brand & category recovering?

Retail has been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. With the Post-Lockdown barometer we provide insights about the pick-up of store visits after the lockdown for your brand and your category.

Know exactly how you are recovering compared to the market.

Access is free of charge for brands based in Belgium or the Netherlands.

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Get the insights you need to steer you through this post-lockdown

Get the insights about your category and your brand:

  • How fast is my category recovering?
  • How many store visits has my brand?
  • Am I on par with my competitors?
  • Is my average frequency lagging?
  • How loyal are my customers since the lockdown?
  • How is traffic in other categories recovering?
  • ...
Free access for all retail brands

Big or small? Our dashboard is free of charge.

Our Post-Lockdown dashboard is provided as a means to support the rise of retail. Whether you are a big brand or a local hero facing this storm, we believe retail will get stronger after this.

Our insights can help you steer this crisis and are provided free of charge #strongertogether.

Insights for 20+ categories
and 1.400+ brands

Our dashboards provide traffic insights for 20+ categories and up to
1.400 unique brands are tracked on a daily basis. Request your free access.

Insights for 20+ categories and 1000+ brands readily available

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Trusted data as a solid base

Trusted data as
a solid base 

All insights are derived from 6 mio+ coordinates a day, collected GDPR-proof from 300.000+ mobile devices. Telecom data fuels our extrapolation models.

Retail is our core competence

Retail is our
core competence

Our founder team are skilled retail professionals and our products are crafted with the needs of retail in mind. Our solutions are the daily driver of the teams at Mercedes-Benz a.o.

We offer insights for 1.400+ brands

1.400+ brands 

Our Point of Interest database contains 150.000+ locations including the stores of over 1.400 unique brands and provide historical data insights for your store and category.